Chapter 26

We are Chapter 26 of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), founded in 1974. Chapter 26 was based for many decades out of Delano, California, and held an annual contest there over Labor Day, “Happiness is Delano.” From 2018 – 2020, “Foxy Figures” was held at William J. Fox Field in Lancaster, and our current contest home is Redlands, CA.

The chapter holds critiquing weekends at Apple Valley (KAPV) and Fox Field (KWJF) in Lancaster. Most members are based in Southern California, including the Mojave Desert and Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Despite aerobatics being a solitary competitive sport where you fly alone in the box, Chapter 26 is all about teamwork. We all work together to be successful at this sport. We coach each other, critique each other, and look out for each other. We want to be regarded as good sportsmen/women who play by the rules and as the pilots to beat at every level of competition.

If you are as passionate about flying as we are, learn more about the sport via this site and consider joining us. We hope to see you in the box someday soon.

Chapter Officers

woman in fligth suit climbing into place

Susan Bell

President, Webmaster

After falling in love with spinning toward the ground during the EMT course at CP Aviation in Santa Paula, Calif., Susan jumped into IAC competition in 2016, flying a Bellanca 8KCAB with a safety pilot. Two years later, she was named the U.S. National Sportsman Aerobatic Champion with an overall score of 84.7% on her first trip to Nationals. She is currently competing at the Advanced level in her Extra 300SR “Bluebird” and holds commercial ASEL and glider licenses and is a CFI.

When not up in the air, Susan works in Airborne Science at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She is a public speaker on aerobatic topics and encourages women to become involved in aviation. She has flown Traffic Watch for KFI and KNX AM radio in Los Angeles and is currently working on her A&P.

Susan is very active on social media. Click those buttons and follow her!

Man wearing a parachute in front of airplane

Lloyd Massey


Lloyd obtained his private license while a senior at college in 1988. Since 1989 he has worked as a professional aviator in a variety of capacities. Currently he is a line pilot in the B-737 for United Airlines based in SFO.

Lloyd always felt that simply having lots of hours with the autopilot on does not make you a good pilot. Having dabbled in aerobatics by taking lessons in a Pitts S2-B and doing some basic aerobatic work in experimental aircraft, Lloyd always felt like he wanted to pursue gentleman aerobatics.

In May 2018, Lloyd bought a 2001 Super Decathlon, “Bessie.” Six months into ownership he realized that his aerobatic skills were not that good, so more lessons were taken with Mark King at CP Aviation. He eventually signed up for three competitions at the Primary level. Still new to the sport, he hopes to compete in three competitions a year at the Sportsman level. Lloyd and his wife also enjoy taking the Decathlon on week-long trips through the United States

Michael Hartenstine


Mike began competing in Sportsman in 2006, quickly working his way up to Advanced. He qualified for the U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team in 2013 and currently flies a Pitts S1-S. He is also an A&P IA and has lent a hand when planes have broken down at our contests.

Also, he’s not much for words… just the flying. 🙂

Ramy Mattar

Ramy Mattar


New 2024 officer – bio coming soon!

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Member Awards

As far back as we had records, we created a list of member awards and rankings. Quite impressive!

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Poster Gallery

Chapter 26 member and renowned graphic designer Margo Chase lost her life during a practice flight. We created a gallery of her beautiful aerobatic posters as a memorial of her passion for the sport.