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Our Annual Labor Day Contest

The Redlands Aerobatic Cup

The 2023 Redlands contest is scheduled for Labor Day weekend, September 1-3, 2023.


The Redlands airport is on the eastern edge of the Los Angeles basin, 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles and 45 miles west of Palm Springs.

Please use the form via this link to preregister and your contest paperwork will be completed and waiting for your signature. Easy peasy.

The Box

The temporary contest box is immediately north of the runway and over the river bed. The REI traffic pattern switches to the south for the three-day contest.

We need a small army to put on a contest. Come help out, learn more about the sport, and get a contest t-shirt as a thank you. Sign up via this link.

About Us

A Reputation for Success

IAC Chapter 26 is a long-standing aerobatic club formerly located out of Delano and now generally based in the High Desert north of Los Angeles.

Join us for coaching and comradery. Support grassroots aerobatics

IAC 26 has had among its members some of the finest pilots in the U.S.


Founded in 1974, the chapter held a contest at Delano for 42 years that was flown by 100s of Southwestern pilots.

Chapter 26 members area with an events calendar, recommended local aerobatic schools, and more.

Interested in Aerobatics?

We wrote overview pieces on the basic areas of aerobatics, from Aresti to safety. Consider joining the International Aerobatic Club for more great materials and a bimonthly magazine too.

In order for pilots around the world to be able to describe and fly the same figures, the Aresti pictoral language was developed.

Learn about the aerobatic box, its altitudes and horizontal boundaries, and why getting low is never a good thing.

Aerobatics is arguably one of the most dangerous motor sports. If there is one topic that is a must read, it’s this one.

There are a handful of basic aerobatic figures to fly. Let’s take a look at them and learn what the judges want to see.

Competition pilots fly in one of five categories, and will move up as their skills advance.

IAC contests have many moving parts. Here’s an overview of what to expect.

Chapter 26 is part of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), the world’s largest aerobatic club promoting and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of aerobatics.

The core purpose of the International Aerobatic Club is to promote and enhance the safety and enjoyment of sport aerobatics through the following core values:

• Openness and Inclusiveness

• A Passion and Responsibility to Educate and Share our Knowledge both inside and outside the IAC

• A Commitment and Responsibility to Safety and Excellence in every aspect of our Sport

• Fair Play and Sportsmanship

Latest chapter news

Catch up with recent chapter activities, featuring contest results and behind the scenes.

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